Q: I did the ride last year. Do I get sent an entry form?
A: The 2018 entries are all online through British Cycling, please use this link to register: https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/events/details/174373/Great-Yorkshire-Bike-Ride
Q: When can I enter?
A: Entries for 2018 are open now.

Q: What date is the Bike Ride this year?
A: The Bike Ride normally takes place on the same day every year, the 3rd Saturday after Spring Bank Holiday Monday. The 2018 ride takes place on Saturday the 16th of June.

Q: How long is the ride and what is the route?
A: The ride is approx 70 miles, mostly on country roads from Wetherby to Filey. The route is only issued to entered riders in the rider programme.

Q: Is the return transport limited?
A: Yes. We can bring back approx 700 riders. Once it's full, it's full.

Q: Can I enter on the day?
A: No. Entry is by pre-registration only.

Q: I entered without picking the entry with transport and now find that I need it. There does not seem to be the option to just buy the transport as an add on?
A: The entry with transport is sold as a single item as there are only so many transport places available (see above). These places sell out quickly every year and this has proved to be the best way to control and sell them.

Q: My company/family/scout group/etc. are raising money this year for Africa/new church bells/local hospital/next door’s dog/etc so is it OK to go on your ride, use all your facilities, all your organisation, all your back-up and then give our sponsor money to one of these causes ?
A: No. This has become a bit of a problem in recent years. Please note that you make an agreement during registration that you will donate all money you raise through donations and sponsorship through the event to benefit our recipient charities only, as listed on the entry documentation. Our charity representatives and volunteers put in a lot of work to assist with this ride and it could not go on without them. If you wish to raise money for any charity group that is not on our recipient list, please do not enter this event.

Q: Is there any vegetarian food at the lunch stop?
A: We try to have a broad selection of food available at the lunch stop, but as ever, if you get there last you will have less choice.

Q: What time does the ride start?
A: Full details will be issued to you in the rider programme after you have entered.

Q: Can I pick my lunch up at the start?
A: No

Q: How do you bring the bikes back?
A: Lorries

Q: How do you bring the riders back?
A: Buses

Q: Where does the return transport go?
A: To the start at Wetherby.

Q: Is two riders on a tandem one entry or two?
A: Two

Q: Why is the entry to this event limited ?
A: Safety and logistics. As we have an agreement to set off riders in small groups at time intervals it would take many hours to get more people going. It would create much more congestion on the roads in the early stages leading to impatience and accidents. Basically the current rider limit is an agreement between the organisers, the insurers, the local authorities and the police advisors.

Q: What do I do if I wish to retire before the finish or if I break down?
A: If you wish to retire, the best place to stop is at one of the refreshment stops, where helpers will be present who can contact the organisers. Plus it’s better than stopping in the middle of nowhere. If you break down, call the number in the programme or flag down one of the clearly marked support vehicles, but please bear in mind that we have a lot of riders to look after and a lot of road to cover, so depending on where you are and where the service vans are it may take some time to get to you.

Q: My family is picking me up at the finish. Where should they meet me?
A: The finish is at a huge Country Park in Filey with unlimited parking space. Ensure that they get a pay & display ticket though, as there is no exemption from charges for people attending the Bike Ride.

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